Body Cleanse Detox 

Essential Health & Wellbeing is delighted to introduce the Body Cleanse Detox System.

My goal is to inspire my clients to create healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Strong, Healthy and Balanced!

In advanced Western countries, we are exposed to the greatest toxic load in our planet’s history. The food we eat water we drink, air we breathe; even the cleaning, beauty and personal care products we use contain hundreds of artificial chemical compounds and can cause toxins to build up in our body’s cells and organs. In addition to these environmental (external) toxins, we also have metabolic (internal) toxins produced by our cells as they go though their everyday metabolic processes.

Toxins present a challenge to our health and wellbeing if they accumulate to a point that they interfere with our cell functioning. We are reliant on the continuous waste elimination processes provided by our liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system etc.


But what happens when these organs become clogged?

We need to start thinking about how we detox our body.

How the Body Cleanse Detox System Works

The Body Cleanse Detox System is an ionising footbath; and is a painless and non-invasive procedure which aids the release of toxins.

By placing electrodes in slightly salty water the system produces positive and negative ions. Once concentrations in the footbath exceed the concentrations in the body the process of osmosis will aid the transport and release of toxins out of your body and into the water.

Most toxins will be eliminated into the water through the pores in your feet, while others will only be mobilised and need to be expelled through the body’s own detox system. Hence you will need to drink plenty of (ideally filtered) water in the first few days after the detox.

Benefits of using the Body Cleanse Detox System include:

  • Removes toxins and body waste products that can cause health problems

  • Helps clear up bad skin

  • Rejuvenates and energises the whole body; and increases energy levels

  • Enhances nutrient absorption

  • Assists heavy metals removal

  • Helps with faster recovery time from disease and injury

  • Reduces acidity

A treatment is approximately 1hr - I see clients at my home in Narre Warren

No Readings - Adult $60, Teens $50, Toddler/Infant $40

Meridian Readings (before & after) Adult $100, Teens $80


Premium Package:

Meridian Readings, Zyto Body Scan & Essential Oil Balance - Adult $140, Teens, $110

Please call Justine 0448 400 126 to make an appointment.

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