I have known Justine personally for over five years now, and upon meeting her she expressed her thoughts and beliefs in natural therapy as opposed to prescribed medicines, and also her hopes to one day turn this passion into a full-time job helping others improve their health and wellbeing. I myself have turned to natural therapies over prescribed medicines and was very pleased when she told me she was starting her own business.


For over 10 years I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) along with various other issues relating to my digestion, fertility and above all else fatigue. In my first consultation with Justine we discussed the issues I would like to address and initially started off with the Ningxia Juice and Cell Food.


These products alone made me feel like a new person, even after a week if I missed a day of taking my Ningxia Juice I would feel it and couldn’t wait to get home and take it!! Over a two month period I had some De-tox treatments and was given some other oils to try, one of the most lifesaving oils I have used is Peace and Calming. This oil is used just before bed and once applied within half an hour, sometimes less I would be asleep – something I was not use to at all given that I could be still wide awake at 2am. These treatments aside, the advice and time that Justine has given to me has been imperative and I know that no matter what I can contact her and ask for advice and what oils would best suit for what I might be feeling and how to get over something very quickly.


Thanks to Justine’s guidance and support I believe that I am now at my optimum health and wellbeing and have tools in place if anything should arise. I highly recommend Justine, her passion dedication and loyalty has been second to none and I believe that she would treat all of her clients this way in order to ensure they are improving their own health and wellbeing.



Nicole Bowler





 In June 2012, my 16 year old son, Brodie, developed a rash on his back that seemed to appear from nowhere with no apparent reason. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Next day, same thing. Next day, same thing. After 4 days, I took him to the GP who told us he had a pretty severe case of hives & that there was really no treatment as the cause was unknown. We were also told it would last for months, often flaring up 4 times a day. All Brodie could do when it flared up was shower & take an antihistamine. He could treat it but not prevent it.


After a couple of miserable weeks, it was suggested Brodie see Justine from Essential Health & Wellbeing to see if she could recommend something. Personally, I was very skeptical, but happy for her to make some suggestions. Justine took one look at Brodie & applied lavender oil topically & also gave him roman chamomile in a capsule. The next day ... Brodie's rash did not appear. The day after ... Brodie's rash did not appear. The day after that ... Brodie's rash did not appear. It is now almost 12 months on ... And guess what?? Yup! Brodie's rash has not appeared!!! I have never ever been a believer in oils and lotions and potions ... But Justine certainly did something that night that our GP was unable to do. We're not a family who suffers many colds or illnesses, but the minute we do, guess where I'll be headed?? I almost want one of us to get sick or break out in another unexplainable rash, just to see how amazing these products really are! :-)


Vanessa Binns



“Justine is a very caring and dedicated practitioner who provides an excellent service. She looks deeply at the root of her patient’s issues and provides practical solutions to put them on the road to better health.”  


Alyce Babauskis