I have had the luxury of having a mum who has used the Body Detox for more than 10 years. 

It sparked an interest in me finding better ways to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I have enjoyed being fit and healthy using diet, exercise, Body Detox and a range of supplements.

Since becoming a mum in June, 2010 to my beautiful boy Levi and my gorgeous boy Jake in 2012

I have an even greater interest in how the body recovers after major stress, such as birth.
After the birth of Levi my body was under major stress and it has given me the hunger to learn more about protecting the body and giving it every chance to be healthy.
My passion is to create healthy and balanced lives for my family and be able to offer this knowledge to my friends and clients.

With a great network of practitioners I have many resources at my finger tips and use this to support me in supporting my clients.